My Snowman’s Valentine Poem and Craft for Preschool!

My Valentine Snowman

Valentine’s Snowman Craft to accompany “My Snowman’s Valentine” poem by Leland Jacobs – My Snowman’s Valentine 

Materials needed:  Snowman Template – Snowman Template (one for each family project or student), glue, assorted decorations (stickers, craft sticks, construction paper, etc.), and one copy of “My Snowman’s Valentine” poem by Leland Jacobs (linked above) for each child.

Print the poem for each of your students.  Read the poem to your students and have them circle or highlight any letters or sight words that you are working on.  The Snowman Template (linked above) can be done in class or sent home as a family project for February.  If sending home with your students, remind parents that they do not have to purchase supplies for their snowman, but should look for items at home to decorate it with. It is fun to see how each family works together to make creative and interesting projects. Have the children share their snowmen after they are completed at home or in the classroom.

Valentine’s “Heart Man” Cardboard Tube Craft

Cardboard Tube Valentine’s Day Craft

Materials needed:  One template for each child –Valentine Heart Man Template, empty cardboard tubes (one for each child), glue sticks, tape, assorted papers/stickers for decorations, and crayons/markers.

Print the template (linked above) to heavy paper.  Have the children cut out (assist younger children with scissor skills or pre-cut prior to the activity) all the pieces on the template. The large red rectangle should be wrapped around the cardboard tube and taped in place. The smaller rectangles are for the arms.  The children can accordion fold (demonstrate first) or simply cut the arms out and glue to the sides of the tube.  The heart hat can either be glued or stapled to the front of the cardboard tube.  Let the children use markers, stickers, or other Valentine’s decorations to add facial features and finish decorating their “Heart Man.”

Toddlers can use cool whip and sprinkles to do sensory play without fear of them accidentally ingesting

Shaving Cream and Glitter Sensory Play

Target has Valentine vinyl placemats that are great for sensory mats. They are relatively inexpensive $1.99 and large enough to create individual play spaces if you do not have a sensory table at home or at school.  The above photo was taken with shaving cream, glitter, and sprinkles.  Let the kids sample the texture of the shaving cream first as some children prefer NOT to get messy or become anxious about the activity.  Be sure to use unscented shaving cream to avoid any potential allergic reactions to the scented varieties.  After the children are familiar with the shaving cream texture, add glitter or sprinkles.  Ask the children if they can FEEL the difference after items are added.  Let the kids make heart shapes in the shaving cream with Valentine’s cookies cutters or stamps.  Other items that are fun to use:  silicone basting brushes, large paintbrushes, potato mashers, and nature items.

For more Valentine’s Day crafts, sensory, literacy, math, science, or dramatic play ideas, see the Valentine’s and Friendship Thematic Unit here on this blog!

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