Polar Bear Activities and Books for Preschool!

This week the #PlayfulPreschool Team is back with a POLAR ANIMALS THEME designed just for preschoolers!  We hope your own kids enjoy playing to learn with us as we continue offering free resources for use at home or in the classroom!

Polar Bear Math Game for PreschoolPolar Bear Math for Preschool!

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Materials needed:

Bear Tracks Math Game for PreschoolPaw Print Bear Tracks.pdf – download and print here: Bears Math Activity for Preschool

Small plastic polar bears or colored bear counters

One die (we use large foam dice for many math activities with our preschoolers).


Glue or Tape

Construction paper

Cut apart one (or more) strips of the Paw Print Bear Tracks (linked above).  Glue or tape the paw print strip onto construction paper and laminate for durability if desired.

Invite the children to place a bear on the paw print farthest from the bear cave photo. Roll the die.  Move the bear one paw print for each number rolled on the dice. For example, if your child rolls a “3,” they would move their bear 3 paw prints forward.  Keep rolling and moving the bear until it gets to the bear cave.

For older children, have the child continue rolling the die until they get their bear to the bear cave with an exact roll.

Extension:  set out number or number word cards.  Have the children draw a number or read the number word to move the bear instead of rolling a die.

Polar Bear Books for PreschoolPolar Bear Books for Preschool!

The books below are some of our own favorite titles:

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle

Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks

Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson

Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer

The Snow Bear by Miriam Moss

The Polar Bear’s Gift by Jeanne Bushley

Polar Animals Large Motor Game for PreschoolPolar Bear Large Motor Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers! – Large Bear Paw Print

The polar bear large motor game is a great way to get kids MOVING inside this winter!  Print several copies of the LARGE BEAR PAW PRINT.pdf (linked above), laminate for durability if desired, and then set out materials to make a bear cave (for our game we used a small table and brown wrapping paper for just the front of the cave).   The ends of the cave were open and allowed for free movement in and out!

Randomly tape the large paw prints in a circle leading to and away from the created bear cave. We discussed different movements that the kids might do to get from one paw print to another:  bear crawling, baby crawling, hopping, jumping, frog jumping, giant steps, etc.  As the kids come to the cave, they have to duck and crawl through then continue on their journey!  It’s a simple and FUN way for kids to play and practice various large motor movements!

Please take a moment to visit other resources and suggestions for a POLAR ANIMAL THEME from the #PlayfulPreschool Team!

Polar Animal Literacy Activities:

Walrus Dive for Letters from Capri + 3
Polar Bear Paw Walk Preschool Alphabet Game by Growing Book by Book

Polar Animal Science and Sensory Activities:

How do Animals Stay Warm by Rainy Day Mum
Penguin Sorting Sensory Bin by Powerful Mothering
Arctic World by Learning 2 Walk

Polar Animal Movement Activities
Polar Animals Gross Motor Games by Still Playing School

Polar Animal Math Games and Activities:

Polar Bear Math Game by The Educators’ Spin On It
Counting to 5 with Penguins by Life Over C’s
Polar Animals Mega Blocks Puzzle by Tiny Tots Adventures




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14 Responses to Polar Bear Activities and Books for Preschool!

  1. Amanda says:

    Fantastic! I just printed the paw prints and will try it out today!

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  5. Devany says:

    I love how you adapted these to different levels of learning! The cave is too cute!

  6. Natasha says:

    Loving this movement game, and super happy that both my preschooler and toddler will have fun with it.

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  11. Theresa says:

    I love your polar bear math game. What a great idea to do an exact roll with older children to add to the challenge.

  12. Danielle says:

    Great activities! Both of them are right up our alley. We are going to do them this week!

  13. Kim says:

    These are such fun ways to learn! Thanks for sharing!

  14. The gross motor looks like so much fun for days when we are stuck inside.

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