Thankful Pilgrim Turkey Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

What are YOU thankful for? – Turkey Template  Hearts Template

Materials needed:  One Turkey Template (linked above) for each child,  2 copies of the Hearts Template (linked above) for each child, scissors, glue sticks, mounting paper (construction paper or heavy paper), and crayons/markers.

Print the Turkey Template file (linked above) for your children.  Have the children cut out the parts from the Turkey Template (younger children will need assistance or cut out the parts prior to the craft).  Have the children glue the turkey and shoes to the turkey’s body and set aside.  The children will need two copies of the Hearts Template.  Have the children color the hearts any color desired (the hearts will become the turkey’s feathers).  When the children are finished coloring the hearts, have the children cut out all 12 hearts  and set aside.

To assemble the turkey craft:  Give each child one piece of mounting paper.  Have the children glue the turkey to the paper.  The hearts can be glued to each side of the turkey’s body to resemble the turkey’s feathers.


Ask the children what they are thankful for.  Begin the discussion by telling the children some of the things that YOU are thankful for.  Remind the children that we have ALL kinds of gifts to be thankful for besides just toys.  Brainstorm possible ideas with the children.  It really is amazing to see the children begin to think about thankfulness and gratitude.  Help younger children label their hearts with the things they are thankful for.  Older children can copy words from an index card or write the words independently.

To print more Turkey and Thanksgiving Crafts along with literacy, math, science, and large motor activities, see the THANKSGIVING THEMATIC UNIT at The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

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