Preschool Patriotic Activities for President’s Day!

Presidents Day Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Basic Facts about Abraham Lincoln –Facts about Abe

Print the Facts about Abe file (linked above) and read the text along with your children.  Locate Springfield, Illinois on a map, globe, or online using Google Maps.  Have the children locate where THEY live in relation to where Springfield, Illinois is – discuss the concepts of FAR and NEAR as you compare where Abraham Lincoln lived and where the children live.  Show the children pictures of the Abraham Lincoln Home and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.  Ask the children to draw their own version of Abraham Lincoln’s home.

There are many interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln and special teaching activities (must be modified for Kindergarten and Preschool) at:

Rustic Log Cabin Craft

Materials needed:  craft sticks, assorted dried beans, and liquid glue.

Have the children make a square with their craft sticks on a piece of heavy paper.  The children can then make a triangle top for the house using two crafts sticks that connect to the square already made.  Let the children decorate their “log cabins” using assorted beans (we used lima and kidney beans for our log cabins in the photo above.)  It is a quick and easy craft for the children to do for President’s Day!

Patriotic Sensory Bins

Have your children help you make Patriotic Sensory Bins.  Go on a scavenger hunt around the house or the classroom for different items that are red, white, and blue.  Have the children place all items into a bin or bucket.  We made a list of everything that went into each of our sensory bins and had the children bingo dot each item as they located it.  Make sure the children look for different textures, numbers, letters, stringing items, etc.  **Beware when using sensory bins with children who still put objects into their mouths as they pose a choking hazard.

SmartMats at Target

Our kids love to play with the SmartMats from the dollar aisle at Target.  The President’s mat is not always available, but can be often be found around Memorial Day, The 4th of July, or Labor Day in the United States.  Each mat has a picture of all the Presidents beginning with George Washington (on the flip side).  If you can watch for them, it is a great visual to use for various lessons throughout the year.

For more winter ideas for kids, see the winter theme here on the blog!

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