Chalk Dust and Feather Writing: Learning Names in Preschool

Chalk Dust and Feather Writing for Preschool

Chalk Dust and Feather Writing:  Learning Names in Preschool!

Summer learning can be FUN for preschoolers with a CHALK THEME!  The Playful Preschool Blogging Team is offering wonderful suggestions for playful learning with activities centered around CHALK!  Grab your own chalk, a few simple supplies, and come PLAY with us!

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Grating Chalk is a GREAT activity for enhancing fine motor control!

Practical Life Skills and Fine Motor Control:  Grating Chalk with a small hand-held cheese grater makes a wonderful practical life skills activity and fine motor tray for preschoolers.  Use a chalk holder (or tape the bottom of the chalk) to remind kids to keep fingers away from the grater as the chalk gets smaller.  Set the chalk grater over a bowl on a table or tray and leave it out during the summer.  Use the grated chalk dust for the feather writing tray below.  *Safety precaution:  as always, supervise young children closely when grating chalk so that they don’t sniff/inhale the chalk dust.


Chalk Dust and Feather Writing for Learning Names in Preschool

Materials needed:

  • Chalk Dust (from the grating activity above)
  • A Tray or Shallow Container (to hold the chalk dust)
  • Feathers (for writing)
  • Index Cards or small chalk boards (for writing names of the children)

Some of the first words young children learn are the names of family members and their own.  Invite the children to pour the grated chalk dust onto the tray.  For younger children, an adult can write the letters in the child’s name on an index card or miniature chalk board. Have the children use the feather to copy the letters into the fine chalk dust.  To begin again, the children can use the feather’s end to gently brush over the chalk letters for further practice.  It’s a fun way to encourage children to begin writing and practice letter transferring skills!

Extension Activity:  dip the tip of the feather in water before writing in the chalk.  Kids can also use small paintbrushes, if desired.

For ways to begin pre-writing with preschoolers, please see:  Lavender Scented Pre-Writing and Apple Spiced Playdough Pre-Writing.

Chalk and Feather Writing for Playful ECE 008

For more FUN ways to play and learn with preschoolers this summer, see Beach Theme Activities or Ocean-Themed Activities here on the blog!

To see other wonderful CHALK-THEMED Activities, please visit the suggestions below!

Chalk Letter Writing from Learning 2 Walk

Alphabet Activities: Chalk Road by Growing Book by Book

Chalk Painting Letters from Mom Inspired Life

Setting-up for Summer Learning with Chalks from Rainy Day Mum

Bubbling Chalk: Science Experiment by Capri +3

Chalk Paint from Tiny Tots Adventure

Chalk Shadow Drawings by Still Playing School


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Lemon Bar Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe

Lemon Bar Body and Hand Scrub CollageLEMON BAR ESSENTIAL OIL SUGAR SCRUB

For many teachers, classes are over for the summer and we are considering donning our first pair of shorts for the season!  If your skin needs a little tender loving care, the Lemon Bar Sugar Scrub is a homemade recipe that uses lemon essential oil to gently exfoliate and brighten skin – it’s an EASY indulgence that can be made and replenished as needed right at home this summer!

Disclaimer:  This post and others within this blog contains affiliate and distributor links.  Opinions are my own.

LEMON BAR ESSENTIAL OIL SUGAR SCRUB RECIPE – Recipe Cards for Lemon Bar Essential Oil Sugar Scrub


  • 1 heaping Tbls. Coconut Oil (melted)
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar


Lemon Bar Essential Oil Sugar Scrub to Make at Home!

The recipe makes two – 4 oz. jars or one – 8 oz. jar of sugar scrub.  Spoon the crust mixture in the bottom of a glass jar.  Top the crust with the filling and cap the jar tightly.  Use the Lemon Bar Sugar Scrub in the shower or bath (make sure you spoon out part of the crust and filling and rub gently into your skin).  You will FEEL the difference it makes even after one use (and it SMELLS delicious)!

To make a summer hostess gift for friends, print the Lemon Bar Essential Oil Sugar Scrub recipe cards (linked above)!  Tie a pretty ribbon or twine around the jars for a refreshing gift with the scent of summertime! **Note – the lemon bar sugar scrub jars make a great gift for summer tutors, childcare providers, mom’s helpers, and summer sitters!

Young Living New Premium Starter Kit


If you’ve “been on the fence” about trying ESSENTIAL OILS, the new starter kit is an awesome deal!  Come see all the ways you can use ESSENTIAL OILS with your own family!


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Top 10 Ocean and Beach-Themed Activities for Preschool!

Beach and Ocean Themed Activities for Preschool


This week the #PlayfulECE Team offers the best in summer learning through PLAY for preschoolers!  Even if you don’t have a chance to visit the ocean or a beach this summer, the activities below will bring the delights of playful learning, creating, and exploration to kids at home or in the preschool classroom!

Beach CountingBEACH-THEMED PLAYDOUGH COUNTING – Preschoolers will love playing with the playdough and beach-themed objects!  It is a great way to PLAY with one-to-one correspondence and work on basic counting skills over the summer.

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

SEA TURTLE LIFE CYCLE:  Explore the Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle with a unique SENSORY BAG that will encourage kids to learn through tactile and sensory PLAY!

Sand Pail CountingSand Pail Counting – Print the sand pail template for playful practice with basic counting and one-to-one correspondence!

Graham Cracker Beach

GRAHAM CRACKER BEACH – Create a BEACH-THEMED treat that will delight kids of all ages!

Describing SeashellsDescribing Seashells – Print the game boards for each of the children and laminate for durability.  This game will enhance verbal skills when describing seashells to play!

Croissant CRAB Snack for Kids!

CROISSANT CRAB SNACK – Build a croissant crab for a snack that is FUN to MAKE and EAT!

Beach Rhyming WordsBeach Rhyming Words – practice words that RHYME with a FREE PRINTABLE for playful learning this summer!

Oyster and Pearl Cookie Snack

OYSTER and PEARL COOKIE SNACK – an EASY to create snack to accompany discussions and PLAY with an OCEAN or BEACH THEME!
Shark Cookie SnackShark Cookies – Print the shark fins to heavy paper and laminate!  It’s a fun snack for an Ocean or Beach Theme at home or in the classroom!

Ocean Animals Thematic Unit from The Preschool Toolbox

The Ocean Theme from The Preschool Toolbox is an instant download that contains an extensive book list, literacy, math, science, art and craft ideas, gross motor, sensory, and more food craft ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten.  ALL you need to explore the OCEAN this summer at home or in the classroom!

For even MORE great ideas for Summer Play and Learning, please visit the activities below from the #PlayfulECE team of bloggers!

10 Sensory Fun Ideas for Preschoolers Learning 2 Walk

10 Book Inspired Cooking Activities for Preschoolers by Growing Book by Book

10 Preschool Summer Activities All About Coconuts by Fun-A-Day!

10 Ladybug Learning Activities by Tiny Tots Adventures

10 Summer Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers by Mom Inspired Life

10 Ways to Play and Learn with Sand by Still Playing School

10 Ways to Learn About Colors with Your Preschooler from Life Over C’s

10 Fun Math Activities to Keep Your Preschooler Learning all Summer by The Educators’ Spin On It


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Lavender Scented Sensory Paint and Lavender Pre-Writing in Preschool!

Lavender Scented Pre-Writing for Preschool

Lavender Scented Sensory Paint and Pre-Writing in Preschool!

We are pleased to join the #PlayfulPreschool blogging team in offering Flowers-themed playful learning activities this week!  Please be sure to check out more awesome activities that are linked at the bottom of this post!

Lavender has long been thought to bring a calming and soothing effect to both adults and children.  It would be rare to find anyone who could walk through a field of lavender without stopping to notice the heavenly fragrance!  According to Psychology Today, “When it comes to lavender’s soothing claims, science seems to be giving the nod to aromatherapy’s validity.”  Using lavender oil scented paint with preschoolers is an easy, soothing, and delightful sensory learning experience!

Disclaimer:  This post and others within this blog contains affiliate and distributor links.  Opinions are my own.

Lavender Scented Sensory Paint_1

Lavender Scented Sensory Paint

Materials needed:

Mix the purple paint, white paint, and 3-4 drops of the lavender essential oil on a paint tray or a paper plate.  You’ll immediately notice the aroma of the lavender oil.  It only takes a few drops to make regular paint a new sensory experience for preschoolers.  The paint is fun to use alone, but to create a special learning experience, try the pre-writing activity below!

Lavender Scented Sensory Pre-Writing Activity for Preschool!

Lavender PreWriting Sensory Activity for Preschool

Purpose:  to encourage stroke directionality, fine motor control, transferring, tracing, and pre-writing skills in preschool-aged children.

Materials needed:

  • One lavender pre-writing free printable – Lavender PreWriting Practice
  • Blank die or wood cubes (one for each child or small group)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Lavender Paint (made above)
  • Painting tools – Q-tips or paintbrushes
  • Paint Smock or an old T-shirt (to protect clothing)

Label the blank dice or wood cubes with various line paths (dotted lines, curved lines, straight lines, etc.).  Print one copy of the Lavender Pre-Writing Practice page (linked above) for each child.  Invite the children to roll the die (or cube) and then transfer (copy) the line pattern on the die to the lavender printable using the painting tool and the lavender scented paint. Remind the children to paint the line paths from the LEFT side of the page to the RIGHT side of the page.

For younger children:  Make line paths on the printable with a permanent marker and invite the children to trace the lines with their painting tool and the lavender scented paint.

For textured line paths, add small pieces of real lavender, lavender leaves, or glitter to the painted line paths before drying.  Allow the paint to thoroughly dry. When dry, invite the children to use their finger to trace the line paths, FEEL the textures, and SMELL the paths to see if they can detect the lavender scent.

Lavender Scented Pre-Writing Practice for Preschool 004

The lavender paint creates a unique and FUN flower-themed sensory activity for practicing pre-writing and transfer skills!  Our kids loved the scent and asked to do the activity MANY days in a row!

For more great ways to PLAY with a FLOWER THEME in Preschool, please see the amazing activities below:

Alphabet Activities: Flower Vases by Growing Book by Book
Spring and summer are full of opportunities for preschoolers to pick flowers from the yard. Bring a bouquet inside and have fun arranging them while learning about the alphabet in this fun and playful activity.

Flower Hunt by Color by Mom Inspired Life
Get outside with your preschooler and explore nature while hunting for flowers by color! Use the included printable to record your findings and then practice various math concepts with your data.

A Honey Bee Craft and Science Activity for Kids from The Educators’ Spin On It
Flowers are not just beautiful, they have a purpose too! Many flowers turn into the food we eat. Honey bees are to thank for this! Grab your markers and celebrate the pollinators with this bee craft and science activity for kids.

 Kid-Made Cupcake Liner Flowers
Children love to create art using a variety of materials. Grab some colorful cupcake liners, buttons, and pompoms and watch their creativity bloom!  – Fun-A-Day

Chalk Art: Flower Power Letter Matching from Tiny Tots Adventures
Take learning outdoors. Fill the driveway with letter flowers and provide your child with plenty of opportunities to practice writing, matching, and tracing the alphabet.

Number Flowers by Still Playing School
There is so much playful math involved with our Flower Number Garden! Our kids especially loved the “magical” way we made them “grow!”

Colors and Numbers Flower Sensory Play for Preschoolers by Life Over C’s
Learn colors, count, and practice fine motor skills with flower sensory play for preschoolers!

Ending Word Sound Flowers by Capri + 3 – Make an easy word family game with paper flowers to practice reading simple CVC or consonant- vowel – consonant words.

Finger Print Flowers by Powerful Mothering
Ask your child to make a beautiful flower garden with their fingers, sit back, and watch the magic.

Letter Recognition Flowers by Rainy Day Mum
Work with preschoolers on letter recognition with this reusable flowers activity that is simple to make and can be used again and again.

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