Make Your Mark eBook: Guiding Preschoolers through PLAY!

We are pleased to bring you, our valued readers, our newest collaborative eBook, Make Your Mark.  The eBook brings you 30+ projects that will help your child develop a love of writing, creative storytelling, self-confidence, and compassion. Through play, art, language, and writing this book will help your child learn through play and make their mark on the world.


MAKE YOUR MARK:  New eBook to Encourage Preschoolers to Leave Their Mark on the World!

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 Make Your Mark will help you take the simple act of sharing stories and stretch it to help your child their confidence, compassion and caring.


What You’ll Get in this eBook:

 :: Activities to get your child started with the important basics: to develop skills to literally make their mark, first with fingers, and later with pens, pencils and paint brushes.

 :: Fun ideas that will help your child develop their fine motor strength and dexterity. We have ideas for finger gyms, easel activities and first mark making activities with sticks, play dough and shaving foam.

 :: Inspiration for writing trays that encourage children to use all their senses to build skills.

 :: Great ideas to delight in imagination and storytelling that feels like – and is! – play time, not school work. Your child will develop their language, vocabulary and fluency through story mats, small worlds, comics, journals, role play, outdoor adventures, and art.

 :: Activities that support your child in understanding more about themselves and others, through interviews, self-portraits, collaborative art, and collaborative projects.

 :: And finally we’ll help your child see that everyone can make their mark on their community and the environment. We show you how to extend the idea of our self out into the world, and consider how we are part of a community. With accessible and achievable projects, we’ll inspire your child to make their mark through environmental citizenship and acts of kindness.

 :: Also included: six sets of printables for you to download, including pattern writing cards, a ‘my favorite things’ photo book, ‘all about me’ interview sheets, pretend play post office accessories, and comic book and gracious giving printables.

From now until December 31st only, the eBook is available for a 25% discount to our readers.  The list price for the eBook is $14.99, but is available now for $11.25 (through 12/31/16).



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