Learning about New Friends and Places in Preschool – Meet the Children: Arizona

This Fall several teachers and families have decided to collaborate to help our children learn more about different places within the United States and around the globe.  The project is called:  Meet the Children 2012.  It will allow our own students/children to use technology to “meet” other children and learn something new along the way!  We’ll be showing YOU many of our new friends, writing about the activities we have received from others, and sharing the ideas we have designed around this project.  Our kids are very excited to explore and learn with other children…we hope YOU enjoy some of the activities, too!


To prepare for our project, we purchased a large World Map and a United States Map.   We had purchased maps of the United States from State Farm several years ago, but had not quite figured out just WHAT to do with them…until now.  The maps have individual stickers labeled with the name of each state.  As we “meet” new friends within the United States, we can affix a sticker to the state they live in.


Meeting Sonny and Jill

Jill and her 5 yr. old, Sonny, are a part of Meet the Children.  Jill works as a speech services provider for an elementary school in Arizona.  Sonny likes to do what many other 5 yr. old children like to do:  visit the library and check out books, have breakfast with his nana, do relay races at school, and make food to share with his friends and teachers!

For those of you on Twitter, you can follow Jill @SpEdEnrichment!

Our children will meet with Jill and Sonny next week via Skype.  Below are some of the activities we have been doing as we learn more about the State of Arizona:

We colored an Arizona flag to share with Jill and Sonny!

Arizona State Flag Coloring Page

Bill Keane and Family Circus – famous cartoonist from Arizona

Many of our preschoolers were not familiar with Family Circus.  As we read some weathered, but treasured, newspaper clippings to our children from Family Circus…they laughed, too!  What FUN it is to explore new ideas and interesting people with small children.   As teachers, we hear many funny stories from children…about children OR their families (don’t worry…we DON’T believe everything we hear!!) 🙂  To learn more about the life of Bill Keane and Family Circus, click the pictures for an article from the NY Times.

King Features Syndicate, via Reuters

King Features Syndicate, via Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco

We often write down funny things the children say.  The children can make their own version of a Family Circus Cartoon by drawing the pictures to a funny caption! – Family Circus Cartoon

Learning new things about Arizona has been great fun for our kids!  We will share MORE as we “meet and greet” other children during the Fall, 2012!


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